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The Persuaders podcast

Apr 18, 2023

Episode 2, season 3 of the Persuaders Podcast - with Assistant Professor Wiebke Junk.

This time we talk to Wiebke Junk, who is an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen. The starting point for our conversation in this episode is Wiebke's paper from 2022 "Is There a First Mover Advantage in Lobbying? A Comparative Analysis of How the Timing of Mobilization Affects the Influence of Interest Groups in 10 Polities", co-authored with Michele Crepaz and Marcel Harnegraaff.

Among other things we cover: 

- The effect of timing in lobbying
- Who can benefit from early lobbying
- What are the mechanisms behind timing
- The supply & demand side for moving early
- Why jumping to the front of the line and shouting is not always the right thing to do
- If small lobby organisations can just copy the big ones 
-  And finally we discuss if it's only ressources that matter in the end 
30 minutes filled with insights about Public Affairs.
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The episode was produced by Rikke Bergquist. 


The paper "Is There a First Mover Advantage in Lobbying?" can be found here: